Four Money Saving Tips

2023-06-12T11:42:12-07:00June 12th, 2023|

Looking for ways to save money? Try these helpful tips! Curb your impulse purchases by unsubscribing from or turning off smartphone notifications that get you to spend money. Review your spending habits. Look at the things you can cut, i.e., streaming services. Prioritize your needs over your wants. Switch to [...]

In Honor of America Saves Week, Here Are 5 Ways To Put Your Savings on Automatic Pilot

2023-03-22T10:32:58-07:00February 27th, 2023|

Welcome to America Saves Week, an annual call to action initiative that asks you to commit to saving your money consistently. The non-profit organization encourages everyone in the U.S. to get a clear view of their finances, set savings goals, and create a plan to achieve them. Regularly saving money [...]

PREPPING FOR TAX SEASON: Tips on what you need to know!

2023-01-23T17:05:34-08:00January 9th, 2023|

Don’t let tax season get you stressed! We have put together simple steps to get your personal and businesses organized and ready to file your taxes in our latest blog. We have you covered with the documents you need to gather, tax forms, critical dates, and more. For Individuals: 1. [...]

Emotional spending: Learn how to get it under control.

2023-01-12T18:12:53-08:00December 5th, 2022|

Are you an emotional spender? Spending may make you feel better for a moment, but it can spoil all your hard work keeping a budget throughout the year and make you spend more than you can afford. Luckily, there are ways to decrease your emotional spending and positively impact your [...]

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