Identity theft is one of the top three consumer complaints to the Federal Trade Commission. In 2018, 15% of their more than 3 million complaints were related to identity theft.

If you or someone you know is a victim of identity theft, take these steps immediately:

  • Place a fraud alert on your credit reports, ask for a free copy of your credit report, and review those reports for evidence of accounts you didn’t open. Fraud unit contacts are:
  • Close accounts—including share drafts/checks, debit, credit or ATM cards—that have been tampered with or used fraudulently. Contact all financial institutions and lenders, credit card issuers, utility companies, and the Social Security Administration to notify them of the fraud. Follow up each conversation with a letter.
  • File a report with law enforcement and insist on getting a copy of the report or the report number.
  • File a complaint with the FTC. Visit for more information.