Driven by her love for water sports instilled in her by her family from a young age, Nichole Martin began her rowing career at Pacific Lutheran University as a Freshman. In the early years of her career, she quickly grew to love not only the sport but the sense of community that it fostered. “During college I discovered the profound ability of rowing to unite individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives in pursuit of a common goal,” she said.

After her collegiate career concluded, Nichole became a coxswain for the Lake Union Crew. Over the next four years, Nichole continued to see the sense of community in rowing that she had come to love, and it pushed her to pursue a position coaching for both the Lake Union Crew and the Seattle University club team.

Now, with nearly a decade of coaching experience under her belt, Nichole’s compassionate approach to coaching mirrors the community of rowers she grew up in. Nichole has cultivated a coaching career with SeattleU Crew and the Lake Union master’s men’s team that promotes inclusivity and knows the power of a cohesive team.

Nichole’s passion for community and dedication to teamwork resonates deeply with what we do here at Kitsap Credit Union. Much like Nichole exemplifies, if we put in the work, and take the time to make our team strong, then, together it’s possible.

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