Doris Heritage, World-Class Runner and Coach, Believes in the Power of Possibilities

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At 81 years old, Doris Heritage boasts an impressive and world-class career as both an athlete and a coach, and it all started right here in Pierce County. Growing up on Fox Island, Doris always loved to run. Her parents owned a chrysanthemum farm where she spent her days as a seven-year-old running the steep hills of the property and the sandy beaches near her house. As a student at Peninsula High School, Doris dreamed of training on the cross-country [...]

Michael Callahan, World-Renowned Rowing Coach, Is All About Making Dreams A Reality

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With an impressive two-decade long career at UW Rowing, Michael Callahan, knows the value of a synergistic team. Michael has been a part of UW Rowing since 1996, when he was a student-athlete and the captain and commodore of the 1996 men’s team. Since then, he has become a prominent and steadfast figure in the rowing community. Not only has Michael lead the men’s rowing team to victory numerous times over the past 18 years as head coach, but his [...]

Nichole Martin, Seattle U Rowing Coach, Has a Passion For Community

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Driven by her love for water sports instilled in her by her family from a young age, Nichole Martin began her rowing career at Pacific Lutheran University as a Freshman. In the early years of her career, she quickly grew to love not only the sport but the sense of community that it fostered. “During college I discovered the profound ability of rowing to unite individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives in pursuit of a common goal,” she said. After [...]

Our June Sticker of the Month is Here

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Happy June and Happy Pride! Our June Sticker of the Month is here just in time for Pride Month AND it has sparkles! Our team loves seeing the sticker reveal each month almost as much as you do. They celebrated the start of Pride Month and the launch of this sticker by snapping a few photos! This Pride Month, we are committed to celebrating and supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Plus, we look forward to seeing you at local Pride Festivals [...]

Our May Sticker of the Month

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May's Sticker of the Month is here! This month's sticker features the Olympic Peninsula's iconic Tree of Life conceptualized by our Outreach Coordinator, David Inglish, and designed by our Creative Director, Bryan Flynn. We talked with Bryan to learn more about this month's sticker. Here's what he said: "We knew we wanted to use an iconic Washington State landmark for the May sticker," said Bryan. "The Tree of Life and many other fun sticker ideas were conceptualized by David, but [...]

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