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Tips On How To Use Public Wifi Safely

September 29th, 2022|Categories: Fraud Prevention|Tags: , , , |

Using public WIFI can be risky if you are doing more on your device than exploring the internet. Using your favorite coffee shop’s network means that your personal information, private documents, contacts, family photos, and logins could be up for grabs by a hacker. In today’s “Ask The Expert” blog, we sat down with our Security Analyst Brent B. to ask some questions about using public WIFI safely.  […]

Top Scams Targeting the Elderly

June 17th, 2022|Categories: Fraud Prevention|

June is Elder Abuse Awareness Month. Top Scams Targeting the Elderly Statistics show that up to five million elderly Americans are abused every year. Criminals often target people over 60 because they are more financially secure, may experience memory loss, and tend to be more trusting. To ensure you or your loved ones are protected, we have compiled a list of the latest top scams.   […]

Carelessness Can Cost You

February 22nd, 2022|Categories: Fraud Prevention|

Many Americans are concerned about someone stealing their credit card, check, or debit card numbers, but they may be ignoring one easy way thieves can access financial accounts: receipts. Disregarding receipts that have valuable information greatly increases the risk of credit and debit card fraud. That kind of carelessness can cost you. Thieves easily can find receipts with valid account numbers in trash cans. Some easy steps you can take to prevent thieves from stealing your financial information. […]

Avoid Tax Identity Theft

January 24th, 2022|Categories: Fraud Prevention, Money|

Identity theft is a serious crime. It’s important to take the proper steps to protect your personal and financial information. Tax season is in full swing and important documentation will be arriving for your returns. You can avoid being a victim of tax identity theft. Gather all your documents as quickly as possible and file your return quickly. Tax identity theft happens when someone uses your Social Security number to file a fake tax return to collect your refund before [...]

4 Major Warning Signs for Dangerous Apps

October 8th, 2021|Categories: Fraud Prevention, Life|

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and to get into the swing of things we thought this might be a great time to dive into the dangerous apps that may be lurking on your phone. Dangerous apps could potentially be leaking private information without you even knowing. Most of us have several apps on our phone and continue to download new ones on a weekly basis. From music apps to games, there are so many out there, which can make [...]

Three Ways to Reduce the Risk of Fraud

September 7th, 2021|Categories: Fraud Prevention, Money|

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), credit card fraud occurred in 41.8% of identity theft reports in 2020. If you think using checks will spare you from thieves, think again. Even though credit cards are the leading type of identity theft, there is still the risk of fraud when using checks. So, how can you try to reduce the risk of fraud? Options such as bill pay, digital wallet, and prepaid debit cards are great options to try to [...]

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