As a business within your community, people will look to you as a leader. A great way to show your support and leadership is to give help the community. So, today for National Philanthropy Day we wanted to offer up some ideas on how your business can give back and help the community.

Donate a Portion of Your Sales

One great way to give back to the community is to donate a portion of your sales to local charities. You can determine how much you want to offer from each sale. This way you can help make a difference for the local community without taking time away from the office.

Donate Product

If you have excess items lying around, consider donating products. These can be extra items or you can choose to donate one item for every purchase. This is a cost-efficient way to help the community.

Ask Customers to Make a Donation

Ever been to the store and been asked if you’d like to round up your total to the nearest dollar? This is a great way for businesses to get others to give back to the community and help out local charities. Whether it’s five cents or 50 cents, it all adds up at the end of the day.

Host a Fundraising Event

If you have a great open space, offer it up to host an event. This can be for one special event or maybe this means offering your business location up as a drop-off location for donations.

Sponsor a Project or Charity

Another great way to give back to the community is by offering to sponsor a project or charity. If you have the budget, not only is this a great way to provide a monetary donation that will make a difference, but it also shows your presence in the community.