There are already less than 70 days left before tax season begins. We know what you’re thinking, but don’t panic! To help avoid a headache down the road, start preparing now with these five quick and easy steps to get everything in order so you are ahead of the game when tax season finally arrives. 

Start Now

One of the most important things you can do to help get you prepared for tax season is to start now. Carve out a little time each day or week when you can focus on getting your paperwork together and getting organized. This will help you keep track of everything you need and everything you’ve gotten done. It will also allow you to figure out what you are missing so you can get everything sorted with enough time so you aren’t scrambling at the end of the day. 

Get Organized

Another important part of alleviating a lot of stress that comes from tax season is getting organized. Being organized will allow you to see everything laid out neatly and have a head start on items that you are missing or might be unsure about. 

Professional Advice is Key 

Whether this is your first year filing taxes for your business or your 20th year, it’s always a good idea to get professional advice. They know all of the ins and out when it comes to filing your taxes and can help you get everything sorted out. It’s easy to get confused when it comes to all of the paperwork and a professional will be able to help lead the way easily. 

Look for Apps That Can Help 

Smartphones offer millions of apps, so it’s no surprise that there are also some that are geared towards helping with your taxes. Do your research on reputable apps that can help you get organized, especially when you are on-the-go.

Keep Your Business and Personal Finances Separate 

You’ve probably heard this advice hundreds of times, but it’s so important that we figured it wouldn’t hurt to say it again – Keep your business and personal finances separate! It can create a huge problem at the end of the day if you keep everything in the same account because it will be hard to differentiate what has to do with your business and what has to do with your personal finances. To avoid any issues, just keep things separate from the start. It will definitely make your life, and tax season, much easier. 


We know tax season is never fun and can be stressful, but it really doesn’t have to be. Start implementing these tips now and you should be ready to go when tax season finally arrives.