It’s no secret, the real estate market has been booming lately as more people are working from home and no longer commuting. While it’s common practice to search for a new place to live during the summer, it’s also the most competitive time as throngs of families vie for what’s available. Did you ever think December, as unlikely as it sounds, might be an ideal time to shop for your dream home?

Bargaining Power!

Although there may be fewer homes up for sale during the cooler winter months, this window of opportunity. It provides smart shoppers with a negotiating edge as they face less competition.

There’s another great benefit of shopping for a new home in December. Those who list their homes off-season are likely more motivated to sell their property. Perhaps their family is growing and they need a bigger space, or even an unexpected job relocation. No matter what the reason might be, this further gives you a bit more bargaining power at the bidding table.

Still on the fence about shopping for a new home now? There’s more good news! Mortgage rates are still consistently low and analysts say they will likely remain steady throughout the coming year.

Of course, if you’re ready to begin house hunting, do your due diligence and also give consideration to the location. Things experts suggest you research include property taxes (and how quickly they’ve climbed over the years) traffic and the ease of getting to work, family and friends, quality of the school system, as well as proximity to your favorite cultural activities such as restaurants, shops, museums, and theaters. Happy home hunting!