At a time when it’s tradition to meet up in big groups, enjoy home-cooked meals, and share brightly wrapped gifts, we instead need to stay safe and do just the opposite. The good news is there are many inspiring ways to connect with loved ones and toast the joy-filled occasion.

Set The Scene

Disappointed about skipping your traditional get-togethers? Try amping-up the festivity quotient in your home. Order more party lights, layer on your most sparkling décor, and put together a festive playlist. An over-the-top ambiance is sure to help lift anyone’s spirits.

Send Holiday Cheer

Everyone still loves to get something colorful and personal in their mailbox, so why not dedicate a little extra time to writing cards this year? Buy some glitter, stickers, and personalize them even more. Never got around to perfecting your handwriting? Use an online e-card publisher like Paperless Post or GreenVelope to digitally design and send holiday tidings.

Channel Your Inner Martha Stewart

Nothing spells love quite like the sight of holiday cookies and baked treats. They’ll make your home smell delicious and also bring back happy childhood memories in the process. Then you can decide if you should keep them all to yourself (Scrooge!), or drop them off in colorful packages as a surprise for your neighbors and friends (Martha approves!).

Virtual Visits & Pursuits

We know, you’re all Zoom-ed out from this year, but there ways to kick-up the creativity factor over your video calls.

  •  Order A Round: For starters, try sharing your favorite drink recipes in advance, or send a special bottle of wine to your family prior to your scheduled call so you can all enjoy the same holiday beverage. Whether it’s eggnog, a Hot Toddy, hot cocoa, or a more complex artisanal cocktails.
  • Play A Game: Games are always a great conversation starter and a surefire way to make everyone laugh, even over a group call. After Dinner Amusements offers a slew of card games in more than 10 topics, such as Which Would You Choose, How Well Do You Know Me, and Girls’ Night In.
  • Settle-In For Movie Night: Leave it to Netflix to serve up a virtual powwow that lets you watch together, take kitchen breaks together, and even provide a chat platform for your mid-movie remarks. Called Teleparty, simply download it from the Chrome Web Store.
  • Take A Cultural Trip To Europe: Still antsy and wishing desperately to see the world this holiday season? Thankfully, many of the most famous landmarks and museums across the globe have added virtual tours to their websites, including European standouts such as the Vatican Museums in Rome, the still in-progress Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona, and the Louvre in Paris. Bon Voyage!