Adopting a pet is a beautiful commitment to your family and can change the life of a pet. Adopting a pet means adding a life to your family and making a commitment to caring for your pet for 10-15 years. There are many new responsibilities that come with this decision, including many expenses you may have not considered. That’s why we wanted to show you some of the ongoing expenses that comes with pet adoption.

  1. Adoption Fees: Whether you’re adopting a pure-bred animal or rescuing a pet from your local shelter, adoption fees can be pricey. Adoption fees cost little to noting or it can be thousands.
  2. Food and Treats: Depending on the size of your pet, food and treats can average between $30-$100 each month.
  3. Supplies: You’ll need to make an investment in their care, such as new toys, beds, leashes, scratch posts, flea medication, and more. This could cost a couple hundred dollars every year.
  4. Veterinary Care: When you first adopt your pet there are many recommended veterinary needs, such as vaccines, microchipping, and spay or neutering. After the first year they will still need annual check-ups, dental care, and other preventative measures. It’s also a good idea have funds prepared for unexpected medical needs, such as diseases or injuries.
  5. Additional Services: There are many services you may need for your new pet, such as grooming, obedience school, pet sitting, dog walking, or more.