One of the best exercises a business owner could do is ask themselves, “What would be the best thing a customer could say about us?”

Whether you are in the service industry or a product-based business, this exercise will help you create a thriving business that will make you proud.

Write yourself the email that you would love to get from a customer. 

Write an email that would bring tears to your eyes if you received it. The words would fill you with joy and excitement that you were able to provide something positive and powerful to your customers.

Start off the exercise by listing out why your customer is emailing you. 

Create a story that tells why they are thankful for your business. It should be compelling and emotional enough that someone was willing to take the time to reach out to you directly.

You want your relationships with your customers to be more than a transaction. 

You want customers to buy your product or service because of you even though they can buy this product or service somewhere else. The influential role you play in your business is what makes the difference to your customers and why they come back. Therefore, make sure to include the positive impact you play in how their story unfolds.

The story will create ideas to make your business thrive. 

Once you have gathered your thoughts, put pen to paper and start writing. This note should be a catalyst that sparks ideas and tactics to implement in your business. Incorporate practices that can produce the outcome of the story you created.

Print and display. 

The email should be displayed where you can easily see it. Look at it regularly to remind yourself that you are making a significant difference in someone’s life.

This is more than a customer email. This will serve as a great reminder of why you are in the business you are in and ignite your passion for making your business even stronger.