Kitsap Credit Union has been proud to support the Gig Harbor Community Foundation since 2012 to help end hunger and provide educational resources to our community. We were thrilled when the Foundation decided to become a Business Member in 2016 after many years of partnering on a variety of community-based initiatives.

“The Foundation’s Board of Directors wanted to reciprocate its support and moved to KCU,” said Ariel Gustanski, Greater Gig Harbor Community Foundation Chief Operating Officer. “We are proud to be KCU members and are thrilled to have KCU as a partner as we actively work to enrich our community for today – and generations to come.”

The Foundation’s mission is to “work collaboratively to build, bridge and enrich the greater Gig Harbor and Key Peninsula region by raising funding, advocating for and providing support to help meet diverse community needs in five core areas essential to sustaining vibrant, healthy communities across our peninsulas. These core areas include arts and culture, education, environment, recreation, and social capital.”

Their work aims to make a difference in our community today as well as leave a lasting impact for future generations. Being a business in our community means seeing where the gaps are and filling them. The Foundation provides resources for those facing food insecurity, offers scholarships and grants to students, youth, and more, provides services to the community’s senior citizens, and more.

“With these efforts comes a long-term dedication and much hard work. But, it is all worth it!” said Ariel. “Especially when we see the positive direct impact our work has had on our community—and the many, many smiles.”

It has been a pleasure to support the Foundation and all their banking needs over the years. “We would absolutely recommend KCU to other businesses,” said Ariel. “Even when we were not banking with Kitsap Credit Union, KCU was always “all in” with their support of our community-based and driven mission. We have found in the past that an organization’s mission is typically only supported at a large scale when you also bank with them. But not KCU, and that speaks to their own dedication to ensuring prosperity in the communities they work in.

“KCU is an amazing community partner, and their dedication is beyond that of many other financial institutions you’ll find.”