Happy National Small Business Week! We are proud to work with small businesses in our community, like Kitsap Community Food Co-Op.

Kitsap Community Food Co-Op is a community-owned grocery store that has been serving the community’s needs since 2019. “We source our products as close to home as possible, and we are the first daily, year-round outlet for Kitsap County farms,” said Wendie Pond, Kitsap Community Food Co-Op’s Treasurer. “Food co-ops keep money in the local economy by sourcing locally, selling sustainable and natural products, and sending any profits back to the community.”

It is no secret that small businesses often face challenges, “Being a small grocery store makes it tough for us to be able to offer products at prices that compete with larger corporate-owned grocery stores, but it’s such a blessing to be a part of this community,” said Wendie. “We are 1300+ members strong and growing every day. As with any small business, we sometimes struggle, but the community always steps up and keeps us going.”

At KCU, we strive to offer support and solutions for small businesses like Kitsap Community Food Co-Op. “KCU has helped us by providing banking solutions that work with us and keep us going,” Wendie said. “They are always responsive to our needs.”

Now, Kitsap Community Food Co-Op is taking steps to make healthy food accessible for all. “We were recently awarded a grant from the Healthy Food Financing Initiative that has allowed us to purchase a new grocery/co-op specific Point of Sale System,” said Wendie. “This has led to the start of FLOWER, our food equity program that offers a 10% discount to Member-Owners on financial assistance. FLOWER stands for Fresh, Local, Organic Within Everyone’s Reach. It is our commitment to making healthy food accessible to all income levels.”

There are so many reasons to support your local small businesses, but Kitsap Community Food Co-Op makes it easy with their outstanding work in our community.

Want to learn more about Kitsap Community Food Co-Op? Visit their website.