April is National Lawn and Garden Month, which means it’s time to get your front yard and garden cleaned up and ready for the beautiful Spring and Summer seasons. The good news is that you don’t have to pay a ton to beautify your front or backyard. We’ve rounded up seven low-cost and low-maintenance ways to spruce up your landscaping.

Plant Colorful Shrubs

Give your front yard an eye-catching pop of color by planting beautiful shrubs like hydrangeas or rose bushes. Hydrangeas are resilient, easy to care for, and produce dense beautiful flowers. Similarly, rose bushes are low maintenance and also grow lovely, aromatic blooms.

Accessorize with Hanging Flower Baskets

Pretty hanging flower baskets are another surefire way to give your front porch or patio a fresh touch at a low cost. Both New Guinea Impatiens and Geraniums are fairly hardy and come in beautiful shades such as red, pink and white.

Accent with Ceramic Planters

Today, there is no limit to the amount of brightly colored ceramic planters you can find. Two large planters strategically placed at either the front of your walkway, or at the bottom of stairs leading to your front door can instantly give your home some vibrant curb appeal.

Plant Trees

Planting one or two new native trees this season can help to define your property, add flowers and color if you desire, as well as provide extra privacy. Just remember to leave enough room around the tree for it to comfortably grow into.

Add a Border To Flowerbeds

If you already have flowerbeds, giving them a border is a low-priced way to create a polished and finished look to either your front lawn or backyard. And the choices are endless—from simple bricks, pavers and pebbles to wood or steel edging.

Drop-In Mulch

If your flowerbeds are looking a bit dull or boring after the long winter, try adding in dark-colored mulch to immediately freshen them up. It’s not only beneficial for the plants, but it will give your property a more elegant look.

Hang Party Lights

The final step to any landscaping project is to put a light on it. Today’s LED string lights are not only inexpensive, but are easy to install and quickly provide a warm and festive ambiance to any porch, deck or patio. The low voltage also means they won’t drive up your electric bill.


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