April is Financial Literacy Month! Throughout April, we will provide you with important financial education tips to help you reach your goals. Check back throughout the month as we continue updating this post with new tips to help you on your path towards financial stability.

Keep Tabs on Your Accounts

In trying to keep a lid on your expenses, review your credit card for recurring monthly payments. Forgotten subscriptions to magazines, Xbox or streaming services can derail your best intentions to stay on budget.

Get Started by Creating a Budget

Don’t think of creating a budget as a jail sentence; it’s simply you making a plan for, and taking control of, where your money goes.

Life is Full of Surprises!

Start an emergency fund today. Set-up automatic payments to a high-interest savings account with easy access until you’ve reached 3-6 months’ worth of living expenses.

It’s Never Too Early to Learn

Teach your young adult to pay their credit card balance in full each month, and that prompt payments can improve their credit score.

Say Bye-Bye to Your Barista!

Trying to reduce debt? Skip the coffee treat at Starbucks, Dunkin’, or Panera. It could easily be costing you $100 every month!

Pay it Down, Pay it Promptly!

Payment performance is reported each month to the credit bureaus, so to quickly improve your credit score, pay down your balances and pay your bills on time.

Here’s When Your Teen Can Be Selfish!

Teach them the value of paying themselves first in order to help them build the good habit of prioritizing their savings.

Save Money Faster!

Try a no-spending period. Designate a few days, a week, or a month where you won’t spend any money on non-essential items like Starbucks, fast food, or clothes.

Travel For Less!

Book a VRBO or Airbnb for your next family get away. They’re often cheaper, bigger, and likely to have a kitchen where you can stock up on basics.

Student Loan Shopping?

Be sure your family and child submit a FAFSA in order to ensure they’re eligible for both subsidized and unsubsidized student loans.

Boost Retirement Savings!

Automatically send your next raise to your 401(k). You’ll quickly grow money you weren’t counting on having in the first place.



Do you know Kitsap Credit Union offers financial education courses for youth and adults? These free resources are available to our members, their family, and our community. To get started, visit our website.