You may be looking at your travel fund feeling like you’ve lost an opportunity. While travel may have been difficult this year, there are still some great ways to put this cash to use. It doesn’t matter if it’s a couple hundred or a couple thousand dollars – either way, you worked hard for your money and it should work hard for you. Here are some great ways to use it.

Upgrade Next Year’s Vacation

Roll the funds into next year’s plans and do something extraordinary. Maybe you were planning a trip to the beach, but now can afford to take the family to a beach in Hawaii! Make next year’s vacation a once in a lifetime trip you’ll always remember.

Roll it into Savings

If you’ve been struggling to fund your back-up retirement fund, the down payment on your dream home, or start the kids’ college fund, this could be the jumpstart you needed. Think about your long-term goals and see how you can make those dreams come true with this influx of cash.

Invest in Yourself

Take that money and treat yourself instead. Maybe that’s an elaborate staycation with fancy wine and a spa day. Perhaps you have been wanting to earn an accreditation that will take your career to the next level. Or maybe there’s an upgrade you’ve always wanted to do to your home. Either way, take this money and treat yourself to something you deserve.