Every year, we are excited to come together and take a moment to celebrate International Credit Union Day. This day focuses on the spirit of the credit union movement and celebrates the tremendous achievements each credit union has accomplished towards our shared goal of belonging, stability, and financial inclusion across the nation.

What is International Credit Union Day?

International Credit Union Day is a day set aside to celebrate the uniqueness of credit unions and commemorates the credit union movement’s impact and achievements. Since 1948, credit unions across the globe have celebrated International Credit Union Day on the third Thursday of October.

Why is This Day so Important?

International Credit Union Day is a day to raise awareness for the credit union movement and to celebrate the rich history of the credit union difference.

Credit unions are unique in the financial services industry. That’s because we are not-for-profit financial cooperatives. At the heart of the credit union movement is a sense of belonging – everyone who has an account at a specific credit union is a part owner of the cooperative. Participation in the cooperative helps ensure all members have access to valuable financial products and services that promote financial wellness and supports the health and vitality of their communities.

Inspiring Hope

The 2020 theme of the celebration is “Inspiring Hope for a Global Community”. This year, many members of our community have faced challenges they never expected, including financial uncertainty they may have been unprepared to handle. Credit unions have a long history of providing community support and financial resources during times of need. We have come together as a community and we will continue to support each other as a cooperative, especially during times of economic hardship.

How Can I Celebrate?

The best way to celebrate is to spread awareness of the credit union movement and encourage others to experience a unique sense of belonging by joining a credit union themselves. Share the #ICUDay story on social media and tell your family and friends how your credit union membership has helped you and your community.