A healthy savings account is the foundation of financial stability. Even though it’s very important, it can be tough to save. After bills are paid, often it doesn’t feel like there’s much left to enjoy. We care about you and your financial well-being, so we want to help you come up with some ways to make savings easy. That’s why we developed a few 30-day savings challenge ideas!

  1. Save Spare Change – For the next 30 days, use cash whenever possible. Use cash to buy your groceries, gas, dining, or anything you can think of. Keep the change in a jar and don’t touch it. You’d be surprised how much you can save just through your spare change. Not a fan of cash? There are some cool apps you can try that will automatically round up your debit card payments and deposit that into a savings account.
  2. No Dining Out Challenge – For 30 days, skip the restaurants. Only eat food you can make yourself. It may not feel like you go out very often, but I’m sure you’d be amazed at your savings account by the end of the month. If you spend $10 every workday on lunches and coffee in the morning, that’s easily $220 per month. This doesn’t even include weekend meals, dinners, date nights, or family restaurant outings.
  3. Save $500 in 30 Days – This may feel like a big number, but it’s supposed to be a challenge. If you save $125 each week by trimming your grocery budget, skipping your morning coffee, or cancelling unnecessary subscriptions it can help the process. Think about the peace of mind $500 can bring you every time you pull out your debit card to buy something unnecessary.