Just like you, we are always looking for ways to keep ourselves and our family busy and active as we adjust to the new normal of “Stay home. Stay healthy”. Every day we are giving you a list of 14 things to keep us sharp, in shape, stimulated, busy, or entertained during these unprecedented times. Do one a day for 14 days, or tackle the entire list at once. Just make sure to check back every day for something new.

We know it can be hard to keep your kiddos happy and entertained while staying home. That’s why we’d like to showcase 14 ways to keep your little ones busy.

  1. Play Outside – Let their imagination run wild and send them out to play.
  2. Dress Up – Find lots of props for them to play dress-up. Even some old shoes, uniforms, and make-up can be a blast.
  3. Toy Bath – This is fun and helpful! Fill the tub with some water and have them give their favorite water-safe toys a bath.
  4. Backyard Campout – Set up a tent and let them pretend to camp in the backyard on a nice day.
  5. Nerf Gun Target Practice – Set up some cans, stuffed animals, or anything you have lying around and let you little ones practice their nerf gun skills.
  6. Scavenger Hunt – Hide things throughout the house and have them find it.
  7. Kid-Friendly Yoga – Check out YouTube for some kid friendly yoga videos.
  8. Finger Painting – Pick up some washable paint and have fun.
  9. Sidewalk Chalk – Let the kids have fun in the driveway or on the deck.
  10. Rock Painting – Have the kiddos find their favorite stones from the back yard, wash them up, and paint them however they’d like.
  11. Dance Party – Let them pick their favorite songs and have a dance party.
  12. Lego Competition – Give them a theme and hold a Lego competition.
  13. Baking Challenge – If your kiddos are old enough, give them a recipe and have them bake their favorite dessert for the whole family to enjoy.
  14. Outdoor Obstacle Course – Set up a challenging obstacle course in the back yard. Have them take turns timing each other.

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