Just like you, we are always looking for ways to keep ourselves and our family busy and active as we adjust to the new normal of “Stay home. Stay healthy”. Every day we are giving you a list of 14 things to keep us sharp, in shape, stimulated, busy, or entertained during these unprecedented times. Do one a day for 14 days, or tackle the entire list at once. Just make sure to check back every day for something new.

During these times, there are many great causes and organizations that could use your help. Here are 14 ways to volunteer during these unpredictable times.

  1. Clean Out the Closets – Clear out your closets of unneeded clothes, books, toys, games, or anything you no longer use and donate them to organizations that need them.
  2. Help Your Neighbor – Check in with your high-risk neighbors and see if you can help. Maybe you can run an errand, walk their dog, or just check in from time to time.
  3. Volunteer with Local Non-Profits – Many organizations like Meals on Wheels still need healthy volunteers to help.
  4. Support Your Local Food Bank – Clear out your cupboards of any unneeded items and donate what you can to your local food bank.
  5. Donate Blood – Blood supplies are critically needed during these times.
  6. Donate Your Skills – Many small businesses and non-profits could use help with websites, social media, bookkeeping, and much more. If you have a skill and some extra time, consider helping.
  7. Sew and Donate Masks – Many facilities are still accepting cloth mask donations. Reach out to your local hospitals, schools, or even grocery stores and see if you can help.
  8. Donate Your Talents – Can you play a musical instrument, sing, paint, or dance? Consider brightening someone’s day.
  9. Donate Your Cash – Many organizations are always in need of additional funding. If you have the means to do so, reach out and donate to a reputable non-profit in your community.
  10. Buy a Gift Card – Support your local businesses by purchasing a gift card to use after these days are behind us.
  11. Help with Online Learning – There are many services that could use help with tutoring students online.
  12. Help Schools Provide Lunches – Reach out to your local school district and see if you can volunteer to help provide lunches and learning supplies to the children in your community.
  13. Foster a Pet – Reach out to your local shelter and see if you can foster a pet in need. Many shelters are in desperate need of a safe and healthy place for pets while they wait for their forever home.
  14. Host an Online Fundraiser – Support a local non-profit by advertising and hosting an online fundraiser.

We know things are stressful right now, and you may be worried about your finances. We have solutions available through our Member Assistance Program, designed to support you. We have a range of resources, such as an Emergency Loan Program, Skip-a-Pay, and our Visa Credit Card special, that can help those who have been impacted.