In today’s environment, especially with the COVID-19 epidemic, we recommend limiting your exposure to cash. We understand that uncertain times can make withdrawing funds feel tempting. Not only is withdrawing extra cash unnecessary, it also puts you in more risk. Here are some reasons why you should leave your cash securely in your account.

Cash is Unprotected

At Kitsap Credit Union, your account is federally insured up to $250,000 by the NCUSIF. The same cannot be said of cash in your pocket, wallet, car, or home. If you lose that money, it’s gone for good.

Cash is Unnecessary

With so many secure ways to access your funds, there’s really no reason you’ll need extra cash. Instead, leave your money safe in our vault, and use your debit card, credit card, mobile wallet, online bill pay, or check book to pay for anything you need. You can even use our mobile app to deposit checks from the comfort of your own home.

Cash is Less Needed

Now that social distancing has caused so many dine-in restaurants, conventions, sports, and entertainment industries to temporarily close, you may need less cash than normal. In fact, if you’re utilizing meal or grocery delivery services, you need your cash securely in your account rather than in your wallet.

Cash Can Spread Infection

The CDC has recommended thoroughly washing your hands after handing cash, because it has likely been handled by many people before you. Leaving your cash in your account is a simple and easy way to protect the health of yourself and your loved ones from germs and viruses.

We’re here for you during these uncertain times. Visit our website at to stay updated with our efforts to serve the community without interruption.