Have you noticed that Kitsap Credit Union is looking a little different?

We wanted to kick off 2024 in a big way. From our new website to updates to Online Banking and our Mobile App, to our new tagline, commercials, and much more, this year we have hit the ground running. All for a very important reason: improving your experience as a member at Kitsap Credit Union.

Earlier this year, we updated our website with a complete overhaul of both experience and design. With the new site we wanted to integrate our new design elements into the experience to create a lighter, friendlier, and more colorful feeling. Plus, the new site places an emphasis on continuous service improvements and advancing our digital technologies by offering innovative new features including an interactive locations page, financial calculators, scheduling capabilities, and more.

You also may have noticed that we updated our tagline to “Together it’s possible.”

While there were a variety of factors that went into choosing “Together it’s possible.” as our new tagline, we took inspiration from some of the taglines we have used throughout the past and focused on one keyword that continued to appear in each edition: “together.” Our long-time members might recall our taglines like “Doing Life Together” or even older “We work together.”

Eventually, we landed on “Together it’s possible.” A phrase that brings togetherness to the forefront and lets us all, whether you’re a member, potential member, or team member at Kitsap Credit Union, feel a part of.

Here’s a look at what “Together it’s possible.” means to us:

Together speaks to the power of unity; people collaborating to accomplish things greater than they can alone. The word speaks to the instinctual nature of humans, social beings, and the desire to belong and be part of something important. A community.

Possible interjects light, hope, and ability. It’s aspirational and empowering, offering permission for new thinking. For imagination. We need possibilities in our lives. It’s why we get out of bed each day.

We are proud to say that this phrase truly reflects our mission and vision and resonates with our team and community as a whole.

Finally, earlier this month we released updates to Online Banking and our Mobile App. Recent member feedback and surveys indicated that we could improve the usability and navigation of our digital banking options. So, we made it our goal to do just that. Our recent update included some basic navigation clean-ups, page layout tidy-ups, and a look refresh for a more intuitive experience in Online Banking and on our Mobile App.

We hope that as you continue to become familiar with these updates, that you’ll see the emphasis we have placed on improving your experience as a member. Whether that’s from seeing the improved navigation, having access to resources like our new financial calculators on our website, or learning how we can help you achieve your goals, we know that together it’s possible.