March is here and with it comes our newest Sticker of the Month! Celebrating Women’s History Month, March’s sticker features a “Rosie the Riveter”-esque design lovingly named Kitty Kitsap by the sticker designer, our Digital Media Graphic Designer, Phoenix Di Corvo.

When contemplating the design of a sticker that would honor Women’s History Month, Phoenix knew she wanted to pay homage to the women in our community, those we serve here at Kitsap Credit Union, and wanted to create someone that any woman could relate to. By combining those ideas with her passion for art and a few suggestions from colleagues, her design was born! Plus, this design incorporates a photo taken of Bremerton shipyard’s distinct cranes by our Creative Director, Bryan Flynn. What a great way to recognize our community!

“I’ve always been really into 70s pop art, like Warhol,” said Phoenix. “I originally set out to design something with that look to it. I suggested a modern and local take on Rosie the Riveter. With our new tagline it just fit so perfectly. Thus, Kitty was born! I actually have a friend that is an underwater welder right next to us at the shipyard. I thought I should draw something that would make someone like her proud! Kitty is a composite of a lot of powerful and influential women from my life. I hope everyone, not just the women of KCU, feels empowered to join her spirit!”

When asked what Women’s History Month means to her, Phoenix said, “Women’s History Month is so important! We see time and time again that when we uplift women, all of society is uplifted. The feminine spirit is about nurturing all those around us to be their best!”

Stop by your local Kitsap Credit Union branch and ask how you can get your hands on these limited-edition stickers before they’re gone!