Don’t let tax season get you stressed! We have put together simple steps to get your personal and businesses organized and ready to file your taxes in our latest blog. We have you covered with the documents you need to gather, tax forms, critical dates, and more.

For Individuals:

1. Gather your receipts.
2. Proof of all income, including income from unemployment, Social Security, earned interest, and investment gains.
3. Proof of interest you’ve paid on your mortgage via a form from the company holding your mortgage.
4. Proof of student loan interest paid.
5. Proof of charitable contributions via forms or receipts from the organizations you donated to
6. Consider an IRA contribution.
7. Revisit your withholding instructions.

For Business owners:

1. Ensure you have a good accounting system to track income and expenses.
2. Review transactions to ensure accuracy, so there are no surprises when you file your taxes.
3. Document the estimated taxes you have paid already.
4. Ensure you comply with tax filings such as filing forms 940, 941, W2 statements, 1099s, & 1096s.
5. On January 17, 2023, your first estimated tax payments are due.
6. January 31, 2023, the following is due: form 1099 NEC due for filing; provide W 2 form to employees; file form W 3, furnish forms 1098 & 1099, and for certain payments, furnish W 2 G.