As a part of our mission as an organization, we look to help our community whenever possible. We understand the importance of connecting with human beings and the positive impact kindness can have on others. This thought process has evolved into our “people helping people” philosophy. On our recent International Credit Union Day, Kitsap Credit Union distributed gift cards to our team to hand out to people in need and spread kindness in our community. So today, on World Kindness Day, what better way to explain this philosophy than to share some of our staff stories? Hopefully, these stories could inspire you to perform an act of kindness that could change a person’s life.

Helping a mom in need

While shopping for a baby shower gift, I saw a mother in the Diaper aisle at Target with two little ones in her cart. I knew instantly that I wanted to help her. Do you know how expensive diapers are these days?! When I handed her the gift card, she cried a little, and I cried a little. We hugged and parted ways! It felt great to help her out! – Cassandra from our Belfair Branch

Saying thank you to care givers

I was with my 84-year-old mom at her doctor’s appointment yesterday. The medical assistant is always so kind and patient with her and always treats her with respect. As we were leaving, I approached her and told her I appreciated how she takes such good care of my mom, and I wanted to give her a little something to show my appreciation. I told her it was International Credit Union day and wanted to share my gift with her. With tears in her eyes, she said, “I wish I could give you a hug!” – Brenda from our Silverdale Highlands Branch

Brightening the mailman’s day

Postal delivery people can have rough schedules, weather challenges, dogs chasing them, and long hours to complete their routes. I’m so thankful for their commitment as I always get my mail. While strolling through Pioneer Park yesterday, a mailman (remaining anonymous) bounded across the street toward his mail truck, so I approached and asked how his day was going. We had a lovely chat, and I explained that I was from Kitsap Credit Union and we’re celebrating International Credit Union Day today. I explained our “people helping people” philosophy, where our branches are located in Puyallup, and that I wanted to present him with an act of kindness and gave him his gift card. He was a little stunned at first but so excited. He then showed me his arm and the “kindness matters” bracelet he was wearing! He said it’s his life motto. You could see how much this act of kindness resonated with him, and it gave me goosebumps! We shared a high-five and wished each other a good day! – Cathy from our Marketing Department

A friendly face

While going through my daily routine in the corporate parking lot, I exchange hellos with a man I see most mornings on his walk to work. He always gives me good vibes and makes me smile. I don’t know his name, I just called him “Dre,” which means brother, and he does the same to me. I always appreciate the smile he gives me each morning, and I decided to give him our random act of kindness gift card. He was very thankful. I told him it was not from me but that Kitsap Credit Union wants to share and show that we care and appreciate everyone from our community. – Joven from the Facilities/Physical Security Department

A young boy is getting new toys

While walking through Pioneer Park, I noticed a mom carrying her son. I went up to her and shared about International Credit Union Day and how we were gifted a card from Kitsap Credit Union to share with someone. She was so happy and mentioned she might buy her son some new toys! What an awesome opportunity to spread Kindness to a complete stranger and bring her smiles. Honestly, I was the lucky one who received “a gift” by giving the card! – Gail from our Marketing Department

A beautiful moment

Most of us leave the office by 6 p.m. each day to enjoy our evenings, but the cleaning service is just getting started. I saw Belle mopping the hall on the 4th floor and gave her a gift card and Kitsap Credit Union shortbread cookies for her five kids. My Nana’s name was Bella, and we had a moment of connection over the name meaning “beautiful”! -Elaine from our Administration Department

Making someone’s day

I was checking into a Seattle hotel for an event, and like almost everywhere in town, they were understaffed and had a young woman working the front desk by herself. She was doing great, but you could tell she was exhausted. The people in front of me were pretty impatient. When it was my turn, I surprised her with the gift card and told her where it came from and why. We both work to help others, and it felt good to pass it on to someone else working with the general public. She was very thankful and googled Kitsap Credit Union immediately. It was so fun to make someone’s day! – Jennifer from our Kingston Branch

Teacher appreciation

No one deserves a random act of kindness like a teacher. Last week was parent/teacher conferences at my daughter’s school. While discussing everything you cover at a parent/teacher conference, you can clearly tell this teacher enjoys her job, cares for her students, and positively impacts her class. What an inspiration. I included with the gift card a note thanking her for her relentless effort and shaping our future… and also TREAT YOUR SELF. She read it and was blown away. She was so thankful!! All the feels! – Alicia from our Credit Administration Department

Our world needs more caring and love

I have been passing around random acts of kindness for a long time. I have given sandwiches out by highway intersections, paid a toll for folks behind me, bought Starbucks for the person next in line, and paid for others’ haircuts. This time I gave the gift card to a gas station employee. Our world needs more caring & love. -Jovie from our Bremerton Harborside Branch

Spread Kindness just because

I met Sandy and Erin in Pioneer Park in downtown Puyallup. They are park employees working to spread mulch around the park’s beautiful landscape. I told them that my credit union sent us out to spread kindness in celebration of International Credit Union Day. I told them I wanted to gift them a gift card just because, and they were so thankful. Sandy said it made her day, and Erin said, “This is so cool!” I could tell they were super appreciative, and their smiles were enough for me to know that our kindness meant a lot to them. -Melissa from our Marketing Department