Although it’s easy to fall in love with a car at first sight, you should always take a step back and triple-check that it has up-to-date safety features that will keep you and your passengers safe. Does it have blind spot detection? What about extra airbags? Are there any recalls on the car? These are a few things to think about before you take the plunge. We’ll discuss ways to help differentiate the cars you love for their legroom from the ones that will best protect you.


Airbags are a huge deciding factor in the car that you choose. Airbags reduce the risk of injury in case of an accident. Research the vehicle to ensure that there are no recalls on any airbags, and look for side impact airbags in the car. Side impact airbags will better protect your chest and head, which is of the utmost importance in case of an accident.


Anti-lock brakes are essential in a car because you can maintain steering while braking. With anti-lock brakes, you have a shorter stopping distance, and your brakes won’t lock up when you apply a lot of pressure to the brakes.


Although this should be the standard on all cars after 2012, it’s still important to check that your new vehicle has this safety feature. ESC uses computerized sensors to help the car avoid sliding or skidding on the road. This safety feature is critical with taller vehicles like SUVs and trucks.


This system is exactly what it sounds like: it lets you know when your tire pressure is below the proper PSI (pounds per square inch). Factors like temperature changes can decrease your tire pressure leading to blowouts and increased wear on your tires. Although cars often come with a TPMS system, you should still manually check your tire’s pressure at least once a month.


Adaptive headlights help improve your night vision because of their advanced technology. Sensors in the car monitor the direction and elevation of the vehicle and illuminate the road as needed. Adaptive headlights also reduce glare and make other drivers better aware of you.


Blind spot warnings are pretty standard on cars nowadays and very helpful to the driver. You get an alert when you move into a lane with another vehicle or even turn on your blinker. The sensors use a radar or camera to detect another object and then alert you.


Many cars are installing this technology due to its highly effective safety features. It uses cameras or radar to detect something in the car’s path and adjusts the vehicle as necessary. This could include forward collision warnings, auto brake, lane departure warnings, lane keeping assist, or park assist systems.


Many car manufacturers offer a factory-installed system that uses a combination of GPS and mobile phone technology to help the driver in an emergency. You can locate your lost car in the parking lot or get emergency aid by unlocking the doors with the click of a button.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how many safety features your car has… What matters the most is that the person behind the wheel is a safe and aware driver. Don’t drive distracted and be careful on the roads, but these eight safety features will help keep you better protected.

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