Is how you spend your time a part of your financial life & budget? It should be.

Time is money. We have all heard that saying. So, why not factor the time for tasks into how our money is being spent?

Buy back your time for more balance & reduce stress.

Buying back your own time could mean more time to be with your family, grow your income, and, if spent a certain way, support your local businesses. For example, instead of spending time food shopping or making a meal, you could use that time to create a better balance in your life.

Add comparing time and cost to your budget.

Compare the cost of time away from family or your business versus spending the money to outsource household chores and responsibilities. As a result, you may find outsourcing is more cost-efficient.

According to research, the average shopping time is 41 minutes, not including the travel time. The data showed a person, on average, spent 53 hours a year food shopping. Wow! Now calculate the rate you would have received if you spent half that time on your business. Or use that time for a mental recharge at the gym or even sitting with your family.

Save time and give back to your local community.

An average of 37 minutes a day is spent making food. Look into a local restaurant or company that does meal preps. Then, see how much you could afford to invest in extra time for yourself while contributing to your local community’s economy.

In addition, housekeeping, landscaping, and even the bi-annual tasks of gutter cleaning are other areas you could hire local companies to do for you.

Only spend the money if you can afford it.

By no means spend the extra money if you don’t have it or cannot make up for it with your work or growing your business.

If you can afford to, outsourcing could better your life financially, enrich your relationships with your loved ones, & give you more “me” time.

You can’t do big essential things while juggling the little stuff. Find the balance & see how it will pay off.

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