We are proud to announce Kitsap Credit Union CEO Shawn Gilfedder has been re-elected for another 2-year term on the board of The Kitsap Economic Development Alliance (“KEDA”). Founded in 1983, the Kitsap Economic Development Alliance focuses on partnering with businesses and the government to retain, expand and attract employers to Kitsap County. The organization focuses on holistically developing Kitsap’s economy across various geographies and communities to ensure healthy growth and a desirable quality of life. 

Through their partnerships, KEDA provides free customized services to business clients to overcome challenges and assist them in achieving success. 

“As a board member of KEDA, I can provide further advise and help to the businesses in our area. In addition, by getting a better understanding of their current needs, I can bring that information back to our Kitsap Credit Union staff as insight in creating products and services to meet those needs,” said Shawn Gilfedder, CEO of Kitsap Credit Union. 

If you are a local business looking for help, here are the services KEDA provides in a confidential manner and at no cost to you!

Statistical data with crucial marketing research

Essential market research and analysis for your business, including demographics, labor availability, wages, taxes, housing costs, and more, are provided by KEDA experts. 

Site location assessments

Your business will get information regarding building, land, and build-to-suit facility availability in your area.

Assistance in setting up site visits 

KEDA will plan for hotel accommodations, tours, and ground transportation and schedule interviews with local agencies and potential employees.

Help with the permit process

Introductions and/or follow-ups for new and expanded facility needs are handled for you.

Workforce Recruitment and Training

They will assist with finding and training employees by coordinating with appropriate educational institutions and government entities.

Include you in their referral network 

As a part of a local and state network of business assistance agencies, KEDA can provide referrals and introductions to partners with expertise in funding, exporting, business plan analysis, and more.

Counseling for government contracts

The PTAC Center has professional and experienced business counseling for companies seeking or wishing to expand government contracts.

  The Kitsap Economic Development Alliance (KEDA) is a 39-year-old public/private nonprofit 501 (c) (6) corporation founded in June 1983. For more information, visit www.kitsapeda.org

Visit our website at https://www.kitsapcu.org/business-services.html or give us a call at 800.422.5852 to learn more about our business product and services. We would love to help!