Speed hiring, the latest trend in recruiting, is being used by companies large and small in today’s competitive market. Organizations say the swift process is saving time and they feel the instant gratification will attract talented candidates. Here are some speed hiring techniques used by some brands using this practice and the results they hope to see. 


Skipping Steps That Used to be Essential


With the market being so highly competitive, the top candidates are being snatched up quickly. Companies are forgoing the usual hiring tactics so as not to risk losing great talent. John Sullivan, a management professor at San Francisco State University, was recently quoted in the Wall Street Journal. He stated that technology and media companies are forgoing reference checks to speed up the hiring process. In addition, they’re also beginning to schedule back-to-back interviews.


High-Tops in Times Square


According to Digiday, the media agency MEC hosted a “Live Hire” event. This is where folks were interviewed for entry-level positions in a speed dating style.  Interviews were conducted at high-tops in Times Square. After a few hours, some lucky candidates even received offers. The media giant is hoping that this will be the company’s new hiring model. They feel more people accept offers through these events than through traditional methods. 


Flexible Schedules & Virtual Job Fairs


Bloomberg has reported that Home Depot has implemented speed hiring to quickly fill up positions. That’s due to the goal of expanding their workforce by 25%. This strategy helped reduce hiring decision time from 5 days to 1, according to the article. In addition to speed hiring, Bloomberg reported Home Depot is also offering flexible interview schedules and virtual job fairs.


It remains to be seen if this quick process provides long-term positive results. We’ll soon learn if this method results in productive employees that fit into the culture.