According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), credit card fraud occurred in 41.8% of identity theft reports in 2020. If you think using checks will spare you from thieves, think again. Even though credit cards are the leading type of identity theft, there is still the risk of fraud when using checks. So, how can you try to reduce the risk of fraud? Options such as bill pay, digital wallet, and prepaid debit cards are great options to try to decrease the risk of fraud while shopping and paying bills online.

Bill Pay 

Bill pay can be faster and easier to pay your bills, but it also eliminates a paper trail of statements. Mail theft is still a primary resource for hackers to get your information. Using Bill pay reduces the amount of paperwork generated with your data and personal information. The less paperwork floating around the less chance this information can get into the wrong hands.

Digital Wallet 

From Apple Pay and Google Pay to Fitbit Pay and Samsung Pay, there are plenty of options when thinking about using a digital wallet instead of pulling out your actual credit cards. This option allows you to add your credit card information into a digital wallet so you can make purchases by using your smartphone or smartwatch. This lessens the exposure of your credit card where peering eyes can steal your number or your actual card. 

Prepaid Debit Card 

If you’re not into using a digital wallet and would rather use something more traditional, a prepaid card is another great option. This option allows you to use an actual card to make a purchase but isn’t actually linked to your bank account. When your balance is low, you can always just reload so you never have to use your real bank card again. 


All of these options are great ways to help reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft when making any purchase, whether it’s online or at a store. For more information on how to protect yourself, visit our website, check out our other Fraud Prevention Blogs, or call a Member Specialist today at 800–422–5852.