The business world has changed over the past year – there is no denying that. Technology has been a driving force of that change during 2021. It will also continue to do so in the years to come. While technology has always been important in the business world, the new virtual work environment has placed even more importance on it. From virtual platforms and videoconferencing, the workforce has changed forever. Here is how technology has impacted businesses in 2021.

Virtual Platforms 

While teams have learned how to work independently from home, technology has helped maintain a sense of normalcy. Platforms like Bluescape, Eloops, and Tandem help teams work together by sharing projects, tracking work, and training new employees. The help of technology has allowed teams to continue collaborating, even when they’re miles apart. 


While emailing and phone calls are ongoing, many businesses have turned to video conferences whenever possible. The face-to-face interaction has aided in everything from daily meetings to new hire interviews. It has allowed businesses to maintain a personal touch in a virtual world.

Online Education and Learning Tools

In our previous blog post, we discussed how leaders are using online education and learning tools to encourage and provide opportunities for employees to grow and develop. As we mentioned, a recent LinkedIn report showed that 94% of employees would stay with a company longer if they invested in their ongoing learning. The development of these virtual educational settings allowed leaders to continue to provide a crucial need to their employees. 

Increased Collaboration

We have talked about how leaders have made it a point to cultivate a welcoming and engaging community with all of its employees with this new remote work life. By doing so, employees are collaborating more than ever before. By using virtual platforms and videoconferencing to stay engaged, teams are relying on each other more to push through and produce some great work. 


Our world is changing every day and technology has helped us adapt in ways we never thought possible. With the continued integration of technology in the business world, the opportunities are endless.