Summer is officially here, which means beautiful weather and endless summer fun. From family vacations and some fun road trips, you could easily end up splurging a bit more during those summer months compared to the rest of the year. But, did you know that opting to use a credit card for your summer purchases can bring great perks? Here are 5 credit card perks to take advantage of when using your card this summer.

Stress-free Travel & Auto Rental Insurance 

When it comes to vacation, we all know that life can sometimes bring about last minute disruptions to our plans. You never know if you’re going to get sick or experience an emergency that can force you to cancel your plans at the last minute. The good news is your credit card company may offer travel insurance. If so, you don’t have to worry about being out of a vacation and lose all of the money you spent planning it. 

Now, let’s say everything goes according to plan and you make it to your vacation, but you need to rent a car. Many car rental companies require you to pay a fee for their car insurance, or risk a huge out of pocket expense if you decline. Well, many credit card companies also offer auto rental insurance for free if you use the card to book your rental car. This can save you time, money, and provide some peace of mind.

Earn Cash Back 

Summer is full of day trips, fun activities, and backyard BBQs. Although fun, all of this often comes with a price tag. By using a cash-back credit card for these purchases along the way, you can earn back some money for every dollar you spend. 

Gain Extra Travel Points

Another great perk of using your credit card when booking your travel arrangements is earning travel points on your travel rewards card. This is a great bonus for those who love to travel and can use points on hotels or even flights. 

Take Advantage of a Signature Concierge Service 

This is an amazing perk that you can get on many credit cards that some people don’t even know exist. Credit cards that offer a signature concierge service often include 24/7 access to help with requests such as, dining and entertainment reservations, travel coordination, and even some personal services. This helps make life just that much easier, and who doesn’t want that? 

Awesome Lifestyle Benefits and Perks 

Another way your credit card can make your summer even better is with some awesome lifestyle benefits. You can enjoy special travel packages, hotel and resort upgrades, and even special food offers to make your getaway perfect. 


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