If you’re in need of a new car this Summer, then you’re in luck. The upcoming Memorial Day weekend is a great time to negotiate a deal on a new ride. We’ve outlined five reasons to hit the dealerships over the holiday weekend. But hurry; industry experts say the global shortage in computer chips means there will be much, much less new-car inventory available come the fall.

Car Dealers Are Looking To Unload 2021 Models

While Memorial Day weekend signifies the official kick-off to the Summer season, for car dealers it’s a time to clear out this year’s inventory, as 2022 models will hit showrooms this Fall. Now is definitely the time to strike a deal on this year’s remaining models.

Gas Prices Are On The Rise

Gas prices typically increase over the Summer months as kids get out of school and families plan road trips. Unfortunately for auto dealers, this translates to a drop in SUV sales and other non-fuel-efficient vehicles—but it does spell opportunity for you in terms of negotiating a deal on a new SUV or other large-size vehicle.

The World Is Beginning To Open Up

It was a long winter, and it’s been an even longer period of hibernation due to the challenges of the global pandemic. Car dealers are aware of this, and are offering incentives by all means possible, to those who hit the dealerships over the holiday weekend.

Month-End = Opportunity

It’s no secret that car salespeople have monthly quotas to make and bonuses to achieve. In general, this makes month-end car shopping a good time to cut a deal on a new model. So brush up on your negotiating skills, do a lot of online research, and head out to the dealerships in search of the price you want!

Extra Time To Shop

Car dealers are well aware that multi-day holidays spell extra free time for consumers to shop. While dealerships are preparing sales incentives and other holiday promotions, the good news is those deals will likely be available for the full month of May.  


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