Unfortunately, no one is immune to stress—it’s simply a part of life. The good news is with some extra awareness, we can all learn coping strategies to help ease and diminish the stress in our daily lives. In honor of National Stress Awareness Month, here are five ways to reduce stress and find a bit of Zen in each day.

Exercise Regularly

Having a consistent exercise routine is a great way to release stress and clear your mind. Exercise can quickly enhance both oxygen and blood flow, which will make you feel better and more alert. Research has shown that even a 15-minute walk can increase energy and concentration. And nothing beats an afternoon stroll after being zoned-in on a computer all morning long.  

Use a Journal to Release Negative Thoughts

Free-flow unedited writing can be very helpful in releasing the worries swirling around in our heads. You can use a computer or a physical notebook. It can help to provide clarity, perspective, and assist with problem solving. Journaling can allow you to focus on the positives in life too! Just scribble down a daily list of all the things you’re thankful for in your life.

Add Personal Time To Your Calendar

Take a time-out from the pressures of the day and add a break to your calendar. You can get outside for a walk, practice yoga, meditate, or even a have a long soak in your tub. Scheduling these events will help you stick to a self-care routine that can diminish stress and help you feel more grounded and content.

Just Breathe

When we’re feeling stressed, we tend to unconsciously tighten our muscles and breathe shallowly. Remembering to take a few deep, slow breaths every hour can help to reset our breathing so that we’re taking in more oxygen, which can make us feel more alert and energetic. Of course, a little intermittent stretching throughout the day can also ease muscle tension.

Schedule A Decluttering Break

Research shows that a neat and tidy space is more peaceful to work in and can help to lower stress levels. Try scheduling a 15-20 minute cleanup break once a week—from tackling the papers on your desk to sorting through the mail—to gain a quick sense of productiveness and add a little tranquility to your day.