The RV travel experience is a great way for families to make new memories, explore new places, and enjoy new adventures. Exploring with small children can often require additional thought and attention to detail, but it shouldn’t deter you from venturing out in an RV this year. Here are five tips for a successful RV road trip with young kids in tow.

If You Don’t Own An RV, Consider What Your Family Might Need

If you’re looking to buy an RV, give careful thought to what your family needs. Small children will benefit greatly if there’s a bathroom, working kitchen, and dedicated space for them to sleep. It’s no secret that bathroom breaks can quickly use up precious travel time if there isn’t one onboard.

Plan, Plan, and Plan Some More

While the planning phase of any trip is often fun and exciting, it’s important to give extra thought to a road trip with small kids. Think about the size of your RV, which campgrounds you’ll plan use, as well as the nature of the roads you’ll be traveling. Enlist the help and input of your kids too. This will help to get them excited about where you’re headed and what they’ll see when they get there.  

Keep Travel Days Short

Young kids can get tired and irritable very quickly. To keep their attention, and take advantage of their energy while they have it, try to keep road time on the shorter side. This will help keep their excitement high about your next destination.

Stock-up on Road Time Entertainment

No doubt this is already a part of your life if you have young children, but be sure to outfit your RV with all sorts of entertainment. You should have lots of movies, music, and games ready to go. Although the goal may be to spend time outside and explore new places, weather is always unpredictable and can sideline your plans. It’s best to be prepared for life’s little surprises.

Add In Days-Off

The last thing you want to do is return from a road trip exhausted, and in need of another vacation. Planning off-days, where you stay in one place can be enough to reenergize everyone. Instead of exploring, perhaps barbeque, picnic, or spend time on a beach. Then you’ll be ready for the next day’s adventure.  


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