Whether you’re preparing to sell your house in today’s competitive real estate market, or simply looking to improve its overall value—adding landscape design elements is a surefire way to raise your home’s stock. In fact, experts say well-done enhancements can increase your home’s worth by up to 15%. To make the most of your investment, here are the top five landscaping trends for 2021.

Invest In Trees

Landscape architects agree, adding the right trees to your property can provide several benefits. This includes offering shade and eye-catching design aspects to improving air quality and increase much-desired privacy. Choose native trees, which are the easiest to care for and adapt quickly. Keep in mind when selecting a tree what its full height and width will be, so you can plant it with the proper space it will require to grow.

Get Your Lawn Right

This one may sound obvious, but a lush green, well-trimmed lawn is the first thing that grabs everyone’s attention—whether they’re a passerby, neighbor or potential buyer. If you’re struggling with the weeds, enlist the help of an expert to both keep the eyesores at bay, and to fertilize it for optimal health. Another big convenience, and a perk for home buyers, is a built-in irrigation system that can make consistently watering the lawn a no-brainer.

Finish Walkways & Driveways

Other key aspects that scream curb appeal! include a finished driveway and walkways. Today, the options are limitless, ranging from colorful and textured pavers and bricks to bluestone and stenciled concrete. For walkways and backyard paths, an S-curve always adds a nice design element, especially to patio and garden areas.

Add Landscape Lighting

Once you’ve completed landscaping, the final step is to literally put a spotlight on it. Adding selective lighting to key design elements like pathways and trees will give your property a warm, finished look. Thankfully there are many low-voltage, DIY options to choose from, and they are easy to install.

Consider Big Ticket Add-Ons

A complete list of landscaping trends would be thoughtless without mention of the big ticket items—from an outdoor deck or patio to the hot trends like a fire pit or outdoor kitchen. As many people are still working from home, these more costly additions continue to be in high demand as consumers look for creative ways to enjoy their own homes, as well as add value to them.


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