It’s no secret the real estate market has been incredibly hot the past year. As more people work remote, the desire to move out of the cities and into the suburbs has driven buyer competition sky high. While it’s clearly a sellers’ market and home sales are hitting record highs, we’ve compiled the top things to keep in mind when preparing to sell your home in 2021.

The Early Bird Catches The Worm

Though the winter may not seem like an ideal time to list your home, experts anticipate the real estate market will be on fire again this year. It’s best to list your house early in order to beat your neighbors in the race to market.

Tap Into The Power Of A Pro

Hiring a real estate agent can help you sell your home quickly, as you’ll have a pro by your side who can help negotiate offers and counteroffers, as well any closing issues. You’ll also be granted access to 1,000s of home shoppers through an official MLS listing. 

Splurge On Professional Photos

House hunting in today’s market always begins online, especially given pandemic concerns, so it’s critically important to have high-quality, well-composed images to entice buyers to come and explore in person. Video and 3D tours are other convenient services to consider offering to potential buyers.

Light It Up

Take a cue from photographers and interior designers, lighting is everything. Buyers look for spaces with great natural light, so keep the shades wide open and  turn on the right lights in order to give your home the best possible ambiance.

Fix The Big, Obvious Issues

Traditionally, sellers looked to freshen up and style every corner of a home prior to listing. But in today’s hot market that’s no longer the case. Just make sure the big glaring issues are addressed. This means no leaky roofs or faucets, broken windows, or large appliance issues.

Organize Closets And Cabinets

Buyers look for ample storage space, so be warned they’ll quickly open closets and cabinets in search of this valuable commodity. Tidy up cabinets in advance, and leave extra space in your wardrobes so they appear larger to the eye. An overstuffed closet registers as too small.

PR Your Own Listing

Take to your social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., and let your friends and followers know your home is on the market. Don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth. It works better than you think.

Keep It Clean

It’s more important than ever to thoroughly clean and disinfect your home both before and after every single showing. Areas of heightened concern include doorknobs, light switches, and cabinet pulls. 

Go Digital With The Rest

Once you’ve accepted a bid on your home, there’s really no reason to meet your buyers in person again. Rely on socially distanced Zoom calls for the closing and any other “meetings,” as well as e-signatures for all paperwork.


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