Remember the anticipation, excitement, and pride you felt sitting behind the wheel of your new car? There are many reasons to upgrade your ride this year. Check out this list of legitimate reasons to help justify your decision!

Your Car Has Turned Into A Lemon

If your car is constantly at the auto body repair shop, it’s an ideal time to either sell it or donate it. Whether it was poorly made, or your car is simply too old, buying something newer and more reliable will be better for your checking account in the long run. 

You’re Facing a Massive Repair Bill 

If you’re staring at a repair estimate that costs more than the value of your vehicle, then it’s definitely time to ditch it and shop for something new. Besides, there’s no telling what else could be on the verge of going wrong. Now’s the time to cut your losses. 

You Fear For Your Life With Each Outing

If your car isn’t riding right, and it’s more than 10 years old, it’s probably time to begin looking for a newer one. Today’s vehicles have lots of advanced safety features, from collision warnings to backup cameras, which are especially important if you have young children in your backseat.

Your Car Just Failed The Emissions Test

If your older car just failed its emissions test, it’s better to shop for a new ride than invest in upgrading the necessary parts. Today’s vehicles emit fewer pollutants in order to meet the rising standards for car emissions. Help yourself and the environment by getting a newer model. 

You Can Afford A Car With Updated Technology

This one’s probably more of a “want” than a “need,” but if you’ve saved up the money and can afford to buy a new ride with modern technological touches like Bluetooth, GPS and USB connectors, then we say go for it! 


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