As 2020 forced many people to work from home, the requests for remodeling projects have increased exponentially. According to one study, 61% of homeowners in the U.S. did at least one home improvement since mid-March. While folks continue to work remotely, the demand for enhancements doesn’t seem to show any signs of letting up this year. Here are five big trends we’re seeing in 2021 home renovations.

Home Office Updates 

Working remotely has forced countless people to rethink and remodel their home office space. Especially since they’re now spending so much time in it. In addition to making improvements to a dedicated office space, many consumers are asking for eco-friendly touches like air purifiers, buying secondhand furnishings, and tossing energy-draining equipment such as printers and non-LED bulbs. 

Bring In The Color

An easy and economical way to change the look of any space is with paint. If you have a small workspace, use light colors on the walls and then accessorize with pops of color. Paint expert Benjamin Moore introduced Aegean Teal, a saturated green blue, as its 2021 Color of The Year. Have a larger space? Consider a more vibrant accent wall, or go all out in a rich jewel tone.

Deck-Out Your Outdoor Space

As social distancing rules remain in effect, the focus will stay on outdoor space improvements. In 2021, people will continue to remodel their backyard decks, design Zen gardens and order more fire pits, BBQs and outdoor furniture, in order to create private oases where they can go to relax after a stressful day or safely gather together with family and friends.  

Bring The Outdoors In

Many home improvement projects in 2020 included adding more and larger windows to brighten spaces and lift spirits. Although it can be costly, this trend will continue in 2021. Another way to bring in the outdoors? Load up on plants. Not only do they naturally detoxify the air, but they also produce new oxygen and can lift your mood and enhance concentration.

A Little Luxury: Transform A Bathroom Into A Home Spa

Conducting more work at home, means finding new ways to escape said work and unwind. While a new Jacuzzi tub can be a big expense, there are many economical ways to transform even a small bathroom into a spa experience. Look for a tub tray to hold non-waterproof items like a kindle, iPad or cell phone. Plants always add a nice touch, as do scented candles, plush towels, colorful area rugs, and luxurious bath bombs.