Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, but running a business can be very challenging. Not only do you need the right knowledge, drive, and work ethic, you also need entrepreneurial skills for your business to be successful. The right entrepreneurial skills could be the key to your future small-business’ success. If you’ve got the instinct to work for yourself but your business skills need fine-tuning, Myfuture, an Australian career information and exploration service, has offered some great tips to help you develop your skills.

Be a Better Communicator.

Proper communication is key in all walks of life, but it is essential if you want to successfully run a business. For instance, if you’re hiring employees, good communication will help ensure you hire the right people and help them understand what the job involves. To develop your communication skills, you can simply ask for help. Ask your teachers, mentors, or counselors to help you develop and enhance your communication skills. Attending a communications course can be a great first step and a smart way to meet others who share your goals.

Get More Creative.

Convergent thinking and divergent thinking are two types of creative thinking. Convergent thinking involves evaluating, analyzing, and selecting the best idea. Divergent thinking means coming up with new, diverse and complex ideas. A great entrepreneur can do both. To help amplify these skills, take on new challenges and set goals. Look for new ideas by participating in different activities. You can watch a movie that’s not your typical choice, listen to a different music genre, or try exotic foods. Keep a journal of your experiences. It can help your creativity by allowing you to review your ideas, problems, and thoughts each day.

Become More Resourceful.

Resourceful people use their skills and knowledge to find solutions. A great way to beef up your resources is to join a professional association. You can also participate in online forums and subscribe to professional publications.