Kitsap Credit Union has had the honor of calling Washington state home for over 85 years. This beautiful state is full of history and interesting fact you may not know. That’s why we wanted to share 10 fun facts about our beautiful state.

  1. Apples – Washington state produces more apples than any other state! We also produce the most pears, red raspberries, sweet cherries, and spearmint oil.
  2. Bald Eagles – These beautiful birds are excited to call Washington home too! Washington state has the highest concentration of our national bird.
  3. Ring of Fire – Washington sits right on top of the Ring of Fire. Washington state has 5 major volcanoes including Mount Rainier, Mount Baker, Mount St. Helens, Glacier Peak in the Cascade Mountains, and Mount Adams.
  4. A Bike and a Tree – Right off Vashon Island, you’ll find a bike that has been completely grown into a tree! The bike is now 7 feet off the ground.
  5. Rain – As we all know, Washington gets a lot of rain, although it’s not the rainiest state in America. It does however get an average of 38.15 inches of rainfall every year.
  6. First Gas Station – Seattle is home to the first gas station, which was opened on East Marginal Way in 1907.
  7. Sunglasses – Seattle sells more sunglasses per capita compared to any other major city in the United States.
  8. Islands – At low tide there can be up to 786 islands in the Puget Sound!
  9. Mount Rainier – The tallest mountain in the state used to be called Mount Tacoma until it was renamed by George Vancouver. It was named after Peter Rainier who fought in the Revolutionary War.
  10. State Fossil – Every state has a state bird, flag, flower, but Washington also has a state fossil! It’s called the Columbian Mammoth.