Just like you, we are always looking for ways to keep ourselves and our family busy and active as we adjust to the new normal of “Stay home. Stay healthy”. Every day we are giving you a list of 14 things to keep us sharp, in shape, stimulated, busy, or entertained during these unprecedented times. Do one a day for 14 days, or tackle the entire list at once. Just make sure to check back every day for something new.

We know birthdays can be challenging during these times. That’s why we wanted to show you 14 ways to celebrate birthdays while staying home and staying healthy.

  1. Have a Virtual Party – Use a service like Zoom, Facebook Messenger, or Teams to organize a virtual birthday party.
  2. Drive-by Celebration – Coordinate a drive-by parade with your friends.
  3. Yard Signs – Everyone can create their own yard sign and stake them in the yard of the birthday boy or girl.
  4. Send a Gift – Services like Amazon will allow you to place an order and send it to the birthday person. They’ll even include a gift receipt.
  5. Send a Birthday Card – You can buy one or make your own card.
  6. Deliver a Cake – Have a custom cake delivered to their house!
  7. Send Flowers – Have flowers delivered to celebrate their special day.
  8. Have a Social Distanced Party – You can throw a party as long as everyone stays far away from each other. Have a tail gate where everyone brings their own food and stays in their cars.
  9. Rent a Character – For all those birthday kiddos, you can have a Disney character MC the virtual party. It’s great for the kids and easy for the parents.
  10. Memory Scavenger Hunt – Ask each of your family and friends to identify a place that reminds them of a memory and send it by email. Have the subject line name the place and the email text talk about the memory. Don’t let the birthday person open the email until they get to the destination.
  11. Watch a Movie Together – Get your family and friends to all watch the same movie and chat at the same time.
  12. Have a Family Game Night – The birthday boy or girl gets to pick the games. Here are some ideas.
  13. Picnic in the Woods – Pack up and find a secluded spot to have a picnic. You can even bring a football or frisbee and have some fun.
  14. In-House Day Spa – Spoil the birthday boy or girl with a DIY day spa. Pamper them with a massage, facial, and manicure. There are tons of tutorials available online if you’re a beginner. Even if it isn’t perfect, the gesture will be more than enough.

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