Just like you, we are always looking for ways to keep ourselves and our family busy and active as we adjust to the new normal of “Stay home. Stay healthy”. Every day we are giving you a list of 14 things to keep us sharp, in shape, stimulated, busy, or entertained during these unprecedented times. Do one a day for 14 days, or tackle the entire list at once. Just make sure to check back every day for something new.

Today’s 14 things are on the cuter side. We’d like to introduce you to 14 furry friends of Kitsap Credit Union. Check out the cute pics of some of our employee’s four-legged family members.

Bear – Debbi Greenspane

Bosco and Blossom – Michele Downey

Buddy – Kyle Burke

Cash, Fat Albert, and Prancer – Lillian Horn

Cody – Zen Ellington

Doris and Pepper – Laura Enquist

Elanor – Gail Clark

Gilly Sue – Alyson Carey

Gryff – Cameron Pilkinton

Luna – Dick Barnes

Norman – Jen Janowski

Nymeria – Andi Pestana

Sapphire – Michelle Campbell

Scout – Katelin Pierce

We know things are stressful right now, and you may be worried about your finances. We have solutions available through our Member Assistance Program, designed to support you. We have a range of resources, such as an Emergency Loan Program, Skip-a-Pay, and our Visa Credit Card special, that can help those who have been impacted.