The Central Kitsap Food Bank is a local, independent food bank that is a part of the Kitsap County Food Bank Coalition.
Their mission is to provide food at no cost in a caring and respectful manner to people in need in the community, while preserving the dignity of those they serve.

Staff: Daniel Whitlock (Accounting), Jessica Rein (Silverdale Branch), Courtney Miller (Project Management), Cameron Pilkinton (Silverdale Branch), Zackery Jones (Silverdale Branch), Daniel Whitlock (Accounting), Cynara Mack (East Bremerton Branch), Bridget Darling (Bangor Branch), and Monique Griffin (Harborside Branch).

As the holiday spirit wraps its warm embrace across our community, we are reminded more than ever of the opportunities to give back. On November 23rd employees from KCU joined other members of the community to assist the Central Kitsap Food Bank with delivering Thanksgiving meals. It was a combined effort both inside and out at the Food Bank. We assembled meals based on family size and delivered them out to cars waiting for delivery.

Cameron, a member specialist at the Silverdale Branch recalls: “Zack and I hopped right in to assist with greeting the folks who were being served, taking a cart into the food bank and getting it loaded up by the assembly line volunteers. Being given this opportunity to give back to my community reminded me just how much our credit union cares about making a lasting impact.”

At the end of the day, the Executive Director of the food bank announced that 240 families had come by that day. Thanks to a group of around 80 volunteers working as a cohesive unit, they were all served promptly and efficiently.

Daniel Whitlock stated, “The rewarding part for me was seeing all the volunteers work together towards the goal of providing food to hundreds of families that day.  There were many different age groups, national origins, occupations, and social statuses, but no job was more or less important than another.”