ShareNet Food Bank’s mission is to fight hunger in North Kitsap County in a manner that respects the dignity of those they serve. ShareNet has been serving their community since 1993 and works diligently to fight against hunger and food insecurity.

Staff: Suzanne Tapper (Branch Manager)

This year, I have had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer at my community’s local food bank and Thrift Store, ShareNet.

I focused my volunteer time by helping with donations. I was able to assist the bookkeeper in collecting donations, reviewing ways to save money, and streamlining the donation process. The team and I have been able to consolidate bill paying, negotiate cost savings with utilities, and reduce overhead costs. KCU’s high interest certificates are also going to help the food bank earn about $1500 more in dividends this year than they were previously earning with a competitor.

The part I have enjoyed the most has been seeing the amazing amount of dedicated volunteers who give so generously each week. Many volunteer 2-3 days a week. I love seeing the smiles on their faces as they so selflessly give of their time and energy to help others. They are truly unsung heroes in our community.

Thank you to KCU for giving me this opportunity to help others. I am blessed to have an employer who values and supports our volunteer work and being able to better our communities.