April’s Sticker of the Month is here! This sticker, designed by our Senior Web Designer, Tom Shannon, features Bigfoot and a group of climbers holding up a Kitsap Credit Union flag after reaching the mountain peak. Tom says, “Bigfoot is a cherished legend in the Pacific Northwest, known for aiding lost hikers in finding their way out of the woods. This story beautifully embodies our ethos, “Together it’s possible.” In my illustration, a team of climbers, guided by Bigfoot, scales a mountain, symbolizing the collective journey of conquering challenges together, where each member supports and relies on one another.” What a wonderful way to represent our “Together it’s possible.” tagline!

While we know Tom for his excellent web design skills here at Kitsap Credit Union, he also has a passion for illustration and has been an illustrator for the past 6 years (although he’s been drawing since age 5). Tom enjoys editorial and book illustration, is a contributing illustrator for A List Apart, and is navigating the middle grade children’s book market. You might even recognize Tom’s illustration style from the Kitsap Credit Union Kid’s Club newsletter which he illustrated in the past!

Get your hands on these limited-edition stickers while supplies last by visiting your local Kitsap Credit Union branch.