Welcome to America Saves Week, an annual call to action initiative that asks you to commit to saving your money consistently. The non-profit organization encourages everyone in the U.S. to get a clear view of their finances, set savings goals, and create a plan to achieve them.

Regularly saving money is important in order to afford the things you want to do and have. It’s also incredibly helpful to fall back on when unexpected expenses occur. The simplest way to save money on a regular basis is to set up automatic savings, which ensures it will happen.

Automatic Payroll Transfers

The simplest way to save automatically is to set up regular payroll deductions, including pre-tax deductions such as for a 401(k), and/or transfers to your savings account. The good news is—out of sight, out of mind—so you won’t be tempted to funnel the money elsewhere.

Automatic Financial Institution Transfers

If you don’t have a job that offers direct deposit, you can set up automatic transfers through your credit union or bank’s online banking or mobile banking. Check for this feature with them and set up recurring bi-weekly or even monthly transfers of a set dollar amount or a percentage from your checking account to a savings account.

Stash Your Cash

Another great way to add to your savings is to promise yourself you’ll stash a set amount of cash away either weekly or monthly. If you simply put $25 in a safe or lockbox each week, you’ll have $1,300 bucks at the end of a year.

Save Your Tax Refund And/Or Bonus

If you regularly get a year-end bonus and/or tax refund, be sure to either save a significant portion of it, or better yet, all of it. Doing so can help fund your dream home, honeymoon, or emergency savings fund.

Collect Loose Change

Though loose change can sometimes feel more like a nuisance than anything else, saving it in a jar can surprisingly payoff in the long run. Make a deposit with it at your credit union or bank every few month, and you can easily save hundreds of dollars by year-end.

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