Industry experts agree the kitchen is the top priority when it comes to home renovations. Whether you’re interested in a minor remodel or a full-scale overhaul, the kitchen is where you can expect to recoup up to 98% of your investment. Take a quick look at 2021 trends for both small and grand kitchen upgrades. 

Minor Kitchen Modernization

If you don’t want to change the footprint, but acknowledge it needs to be brought into the current decade, then a minor remodel will certainly do the trick. 

  • Refinish Current Cabinets: You can bring a breath of fresh air to your kitchen by refacing existing cabinets and drawers. This year, we’re seeing pops of colors on cabinets like bright yellow, mint green and pastel blue.
  • Install Resilient Flooring: An eye-catching floor is a surefire way to update your space. Save money here by opting for “luxury” vinyl floor coverings that are both resilient and beautifully resemble all types of finishes, from ceramic tile to hardwood floors.
  • Invest In Energy-Efficient Appliances: If you’re looking to save money in the long run then investing in energy efficiency is a great way to go. A great place to start is an energy-efficient refrigerator, as it consumes the most power in your home. Other kitchen appliances to upgrade include LED lighting and an induction range.

Major Kitchen Overhaul 

If you have the space to expand, as well as the funds, then consider a full overhaul. It will bring joy to your family and it will help potential home buyers line-up outside your home!

  • Build A Big Island: Everyone always ends up in the kitchen. If you build a large dine-at island, then you’ll most certainly know where to find your family at any given moment. Trends this year include bright colors, grainy woods, and a variety of marbles from black tops to deeply veined colorways.
  • Let There Be Light: Any room can be made brighter with the right light. Look to introduce large French doors, or even floor to ceiling windows, to allow more sun to shine through. Another lighting trend is pendant lights hung over islands and workspaces in varying textures, colors, and sizes. 
  • Amp-Up Storage: Nothing entices homebuyers more than lots of storage space. We’re seeing pantry cupboards as a new modern luxury, as well as other forms of smart storage like pushing cabinets to the full height of the room and corner larders. 

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