F.A.R.M. DAYS is a two day event for kids with special needs. F.A.R.M. DAYS allows kids with special needs an opportunity to experience a day on the farm with activities like horseback riding, tractor rigs and getting to pet and interact with real farm animals plus more.

Staff: Erin Flieschmann (Member Business Lending Loan Processor)

F.A.R.M. Days – a day where special needs kids throughout the Kitsap County school district and beyond get to enjoy horseback riding, pet a miniature donkey, try their hand at roping a hay bale, eat a snow cone, wear a cowboy hat and enjoy the outdoors. This tradition started in 1968 by the Corey family and was previously known as Corey’s Day on the Farm. While the Corey family may not have ran this year’s event, there is no doubt they were there in spirit and the focus remains the same – a day special needs kids can call their own.

Farm animals

The army of volunteers it takes to put on such an event is astounding. All the animals used during the two-day event are brought by volunteers. I started as a volunteer for this event while in 4H in 1995 and while I haven’t been able to attend every year, I make it a point to at least volunteer every other year. To watch a withdrawn or non-verbal child come alive through interaction with animals is something everyone should experience at one point in their life. The excitement and joy on so many faces while on horseback is priceless. I’m not sure who looks forward to this event more, the kids or the volunteers!