Receiving a tax refund can be a great feeling but how do you make that money work for you for the rest of the year or even longer term goals? Here are six ways to make your refund last:

1. Create an emergency fund or add to an existing one

Whether you receive a large tax refund or not, you should always aim to save enough to cover three to six months of expenses for those unexpected emergencies.

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2. Pay off debt

Use your refund to pay off any high-interest credit card debt you may have. Try to pay off the debt in full to avoid interest charged added to your balance every month.

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3. Save for the future

If you’re focused on saving for college, a home, or other big dreams, consider a certificate as opposed to a savings account. With a certificate, you’ll benefit from compounding interest while earning a higher rate of return without having to think about it.

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4. Consider investing

If you’re looking for a higher rate of return than a certificate or savings account, think about investing your tax refund.

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5. Access your credit union benefits

As a credit union member, you have access to all kinds of benefits including identity theft protection, home and auto insurance, life insurance, home appliance protection, and more.

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6. Further your education

If you’re looking to change careers, grow in your current one, or just want to learn something new, use the refund to purchase classes to learn those skills. You may be able to deduct those expenses from your taxes next year using the Lifetime Learning Credit.

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